reasons to be cheerful

It’s sometimes rather awesome being me, because of how quickly I bounce back from whatever is getting me down.

Things that I am inordinately happy about, in disorder:

– I’m finally in Taiwan and it’s amazing to be back here
– I got here despite a few hiccups with airlines (I’m looking at you, Air China. Why can’t you be more like SAS?) and some long, sweaty hours in Moscow Airport
– I checked 30kg of luggage FOR FREE and didn’t have to carry anything around on my 4 flights — I LOVE SAS SO MUCH (Thank you, Maja at Stockholm SAS check-in)
– my cheap serviced apartment is actually a glamourous little suite and is adorable and pretty and has high-speed WiFi and a sexy private bathroom — I almost cried with delight when I saw it
– I don’t even need the hotel room, however, as I have found a room, 10 minutes from uni, CHEAPER THAN MY BUDGET HAD ALLOWED FOR, living with a lovely Taiwanese girl who can also help me get a teaching job once I’m desperate for money (yes, Taiwan is the land of English-prostitution… I will keep out of it as long as I can afford to though)
– my Kindle can download books from overseas! There were doubts and concerns but I just downloaded a Kate Atkinson detective story (Started Early, Took My Dog)… AMAZEBO!
– I had drama and tears upon arriving at Taipei Airport, when I couldn’t remember the PIN for my Australian debit card. All my savings are in that account and I was freaking out because HOW DO I SURVIVE, PAY DEPOSIT ON A FLAT, PAY TUITION, ALL WITHOUT MONEY??? In fact HOW DO I EVEN PAY FOR A BUS TICKET WITHOUT MONEY??? but a quick call to my bank (sorry Mummy but it was an emergency) and they magically made all accounts accessible via my credit card — problem solving at its peak! thank you, Karen at Westpac… ❤
– having efficiently sorted out the housing issue within HOURS OF LANDING, I can now relax and enjoy the next 3 days, all by myself in my glamourous (yet bargain!) hotel suite. It'll be my first night not sharing a room/bed with someone else in almost 4 months…
– I haven't slept for many, many, many hours (approximately 36 I think) and I am WIRED. Can you tell?


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