new home

After 5 months and 15 days of living out of my suitcase, I finally dragged myself and my luggage up to my new room, on the third floor of a very Taiwanese building, at the top of a steep hill.

The flat and bedroom themselves are nothing remarkable, and I was mostly happy to get it because of the price and the location (ie affordable and close to school). However, I discovered a unsuspected bonus when I moved in today: the view from my bedroom window.

I love how lush and green it is, with the mountain in the background! Minutes after this picture was taken, the skies opened and suddenly it was like being under a waterfall. The loudest thunder I have ever heard (to memory, anyway) and absolute sheets of water… It went on for a couple of hours, whilst I tried to nap, although it sounded like bombs being dropped on my head every time it thundered. Note to self: remember to buy an umbrella tomorrow. It tends to rain around lunchtime every day during the sweltering humid summer season…

Around 6 I went out for a quick recovery mission, and to buy some food. I snapped a picture of my street — again, so delighted with the green lushness of it all. When I lived in Shida it was all quite grey and dusty, and for my first stay in Taiwan (in 2005! I was so young…) I lived next to a horrid motorway. My building is approximately indicated by the pink man.


3 thoughts on “new home

    • Thanks Dina-bean! Will definitely show off once it’s looking a bit less bleak (I’ve yet to rent a place in China or Taiwan that isn’t “decorated” like a prison cell…). Xx

  1. Ooph, so good for you to have a “nest” again.
    Some papers have arrived here for you from Cashmore…were you expecting something?


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