What’s a good thing to do when you have a cold and there’s a typhoon warning descending upon you? Why, go for a long walk in the rain and get lost trying to find where your school campus is, exactly. Sorry for dodgy pictures, but taking photos on a smartphone (no buttons!) in the wind and rain whilst holding an umbrella… Not easy!

I suspected that it wouldn’t be as simple as turning up at the Zhengda bus-stop tomorrow morning and expecting my classroom to be round the corner, but when I ventured out into the pre-typhoon rain today I didn’t realize I’d be walking so far in an attempt at locating my building.

Zhengda (aka NCCU, aka National Chengchi University) is huge, and spreads over a river and a mountain-side. Being that it was a Sunday, a week before term starts, and that the typhoon is gently churning its way towards Taipei, the place was deserted.

Beautiful, but somewhat isolated. My school building is that pinkish-red one in the middle.

I still haven’t worked out how I’m going to get to school on a daily basis. I’m only a couple of miles away, and I could theoretically walk from my house, except that August weather is hot and muggy, and there are a lot of steep hills involved. Those beautiful mountains come at a price! None of the public transport goes even remotely close to the International student building, and although I caught sight of a couple of tiny buses scuttling around the campus, they zipped past too fast for me to work out if they’re actually part of some kind of shuttle system. I took a picture of what I hope might be a timetable, now to sit down and actually decipher it…

Of course, I’m quite keen on getting a bike, but as mentioned before, there are quite a few steep hills, both where I live and where I will be studying, and with my dodgy knees, I’m a little cautious.

Ahhh typhoon season… Plenty of hot and cold and wet and dry, I’m sneezing and sniffling like crazy.


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