lucky day

Today didn’t start out lucky. Despite going to bed at 11:30 the night before, I slept badly for about an hour and then woke up at 1am. Sleep eluded me till around 7:30, which meant that when my “bright and early for school” alarm went off at 8:45, I woke up feeling like seven kinds of hell.

However! the sounds of the wind and rain gave me hope, and indeed upon calling the university to check, registration and placement test have been put on hold until the typhoon has left the area. YES!!

So I went back to bed for a few more hours (I wanted to get up and try and reset my body clock, really I did, but after 2 hours of sleep, that wasn’t ever going to work out…).

This afternoon, despite the ever-menacing but in fact absent typhoon thwarting all my attempts to get myself out of the house, I grabbed a map and decided to go explore my neighbourhood. I don’t care about your warnings! I need exercise and daylight!

Second piece of luck of the day: finding a place just minutes from my house that sells my favourite Taiwanese snack of all time: “zhua bing”. I was so excited that I ate it all before thinking to document my find.

Third piece of luck: as I headed to the closest park, which I had planned to walk around (yeah yeah typhoon whatever, it’s not even been really raining), I discovered the local pool. Now, I had already rung my old swimming haunt at Chiang Kai Shek Sports Centre and they had told me to get stuffed (so sick of the word tai-feng), so imagine my surprise to see that the open-air pool, conveniently located near my house, was open today, and when I asked, confirmed that they were open until 9:30 tonight. What joy!

It’s just a dinky little pool, only 25 metres long and no more than 150cm deep at either end, but it was just what I needed for a long-overdue return to my swimming career…

Notice the outdated poster warning about SARS? yeah… it’s about as far as you can get from a modern pool. Just a rectangle of water, and a changing room with a shower head and a couple of toilets.

But 30 40 50 lengths later, I was a very happy, red-eyed bunny! The pool was deserted, with just a few kids in one lane, so I could swim without worrying about other people going too fast or too slow.. perfect. I normally don’t like pools that are less than 50m, but as I haven’t been swimming properly for a long time, 25m was ideal. 1250m swim FTW!

Now I just need to try and get a proper night’s sleep before registration tomorrow…


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