The other day my housemate mentioned that she is afraid of caterpillars (Silva, if you are reading this — stop now!). I laughed in surprise as they seem so harmless in comparison to my own mortal enemy, the Giant Taiwanese Cockroach.

Today I was walking down the hill after class and noticed that the slightly anachronistic lanterns along the path all had their own caterpillar inhabitants. And each and every one of them was, in my opinion, acceptable within that particular environment, but held the potential to be absolutely terrifying should it happen to somehow land on my face (which we all know is a caterpillar’s greatest ambition).

First up: the Sheep-erpillar: white and fluffy and huge.

Secondly, “it’s not easy being green”, the Leaf-erpillar. This one was squirming and looking quite vicious and hungry… brr 

Third on our list, a rather mangy relative of the Sheep-erpillar, which I personally think looks like a Werewolf-erpillar. Or a Zombie-pillar…

And lastly, this little guy, who would probably not have caught my attention by himself, except that I couldn’t resist documenting 4 lanterns in a row, all bearing different caterpillars. That said, I still wouldn’t like to have his bristly leg-hair anywhere near me…


2 thoughts on “caterpillars

    • Oh I’m glad it got to you so fast — just 8 days?! It only cost about 4 euros (not my choice, it was the only option they would give me), Taiwan can be awesome sometimes…


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