russian roulette

Who gets to roll the dice and decide what mood I will be in? Exuberant one day, despondent the next… Today hasn’t been wonderful and I’m trying really hard to hammer positive thoughts into my head but it’s not been easy.

I went swimming after class, instead of shutting myself in the library for the mandatory 10 hours a day, and splashing up and down for an hour soothed me a little, but not enough to drown out the negative voices in my head. So I went home for some dinner (fried noodles, as a treat…) and then went for a 7.5km run (well I walked the first 5 and last 10 minutes). Pfiou! I am purple in the face from running in this heat (even though it was night by the time I started running) but after a coconut juice and a shower, I am feeling so much better. 

Now I have to pack my bag because I’m going to Penghu for the weekend, taking the plane after class on Friday and flying back on Monday morning (as long as the typhoon doesn’t get too typhoony). If spending the weekend on a tropical island with Ally, Juan and Nalia doesn’t cheer me up, then nothing will!

Although I am now clutching cold beer cans to my knees as they are clearly NOT HAPPY judging by the pain…


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