Despite all my pre-departure efficiency, as usual I forgot my swish camera at home (why do I bother with it at all? I think I’ve taken something like 50 pictures with my expensive camera, in 9 months). No matter, the phone camera stepped in and did its best.

I had a lovely time with Ally Juan and Nalia, AGAIN (this blog is being taken over by their family though). I saw a few sights…

And bought a huge and ridiculous hat to protect me from the burning midday sun (damn these tropics, how did the Dutch ever survive here?)… although it looks like I should also have bought a belt as my shorts are falling down.

Ooohed and aaahed at the amazing views…

And of course, fell ever more hopelessly in love with this little face, which I was responsible for wherever we drove, as in Penghu it’s absolutely A-OK to sit in the back without a seatbelt holding a baby. I eventually overcame my safety concerns, and concentrated on singing Nalia to sleep (which she loved!).

Not pictured are the hours spent by the three of us doting on Baby. She is so fantastically clever and adorable, I cannot believe she isn’t even 3 months old.


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