Today was great, because I not only acquired a counselor to help me deal with all the shit that has been getting me down, but I also joined a running team and discovered how much fun it is to get silly and indulge in beer and taiwanese food after a run.

The counselor wouldn’t have happened without the amazing Lesley, who found help for me, pushed me to make the call, and then drove me there and waited nearly 2 hours for me before driving us back (a 40-minute scooter journey each way). It has been a tremendous help — I always respond very well to therapy and counseling so I am feeling much better already. 

And then the delightful Rebecca introduced me to her lovely running team this evening! It was a little daunting as most of the people sprinted off within seconds, but Rebecca kindly stayed by my side as I huffed and puffed (and walked) up the mountain and back down again. Runkeeper logged the run as 7.5km, in an hour and 5min — those were some steeeeep hills! I have no pictures as it was dark and I was utterly engrossed in surviving the run.

After running there was rehydration — which for me means a mandatory coconut water, complete with rude company name:


Then came delicious food, and plenty of it, and lots of silly banter in Chinese, and many Taiwanese beers.

And then came my unexpected initiation! I had to climb on a chair and drink a bowl full of beer, along with the other 2 first-timers. (Spoiler: I couldn’t drink it all. I have a lot of homework to do for tomorrow and need to get up at 6am).

I feel great now, after such a lovely run (I had a couple of stitches but survived, and I also iced my knees as soon as we finished so I think they will be ok). I’ve had a few days of being really down but now I am excited and happy again. I’ve even signed up for the Red Dress Race on October 12th… we’ll see what happens!


2 thoughts on “posse

    • I haven’t yet been given a clear answer as to distance — as I think they make these things up as they go along, they are a lovely and utterly informal crowd — but they promised that it would be no more than 10km. The entry fee of NT800 will include a t-shirt and all-you-can-drink beer, and apparently that is the important bit!


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