Yoga! Today I went to the first yoga class of the term. It was a bit different from ashtanga, and 95% in chinese, but I can understand the teacher just fine (what a contrast compared to my first yoga class ever, also in Taiwan). I was shaking like a leaf by the end… I’m looking forward to regular practice again.

At the end of the class I made friends with a lovely Russian girl, Elena, who then carried me off to an impromptu party where I spent the rest of the evening. I met lots of new people and it’s quite a special feeling to realise I am a student again. Woohoo! we have such an easy life (apart from all the homework. I don’t know HOW I am going to get it all done by Monday).

Tomorrow I am supposed to be doing a scavenger hunt in the afternoon, and then meeting Adrian for green beers in the evening. Sunday is an all-day event with the running team, where we will be heading out of town for a run and no doubt innumerable beers. I am so happy that yoga and running are helping me meet people, get out the house and of course feel fit and healthy. It’s almost like some cheesy magazine article…


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