ravine run

Today’s China Hash wet itself laughing at last week’s China Hash. I don’t really have the words to describe what went on out there. Maybe this little set of graphs will help… This screencap doesn’t show it but I climbed a total of 272m today.

See how the run started more or less at the same level… then drops? First we ran helter-skelter down a steep hill, into what appeared to be a beautiful ravine. Then suddenly the walls had closed in on us, and this is what we were scrambling through. Bottom of the ravine is water, of course. 

The sadistic hares had us pull ourselves out of that ravine, only to then go back down into it, wade across more water, and then pull ourselves back out of there. 

Panting, soaked and relieved, you would imagine we’d earned ourselves a break, right?

Wrong. You may notice from my stats that the 5th kilometre took nearly 37 minutes to complete. I myself am impressed that it only took me half an hour to pull myself up the vertical side of a crumbling mountain, quite literally pull in some areas where ropes were attached to trees.

Anyway. Enough. This sounds too much like complaining. It was an amazing, thrilling, beautiful, terrifying, fantastic experience and I am delighted with every inch of it, ravines and ripped up legs included.


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