started early, took my dog

I’ve been very much engrossed in study and hashing, and with yoga starting next week (and my membership paid for the semester, which means I’m determined to get my money’s worth), the furious rate at which I had been reading this summer has of course dropped significantly.

However, thanks to the magic of Kindle on my phone, I have been reading on the bus every day, and it makes me so happy to have that little library in my pocket wherever I go. Waiting for a train? Waiting for a friend? Held up at the airport? You can be sure I will always have my phone on me, and therefore always have a book.

I hadn’t actually bought any new books recently, so I have been reading some free classics. I re-read Heidi (which gave me a surprising amount of philosophical insight), and Pride and Prejudice (wherein I was disappointed to discover that Mr Darcy never jumps in a lake. What!). Re-reading P&P was so enjoyable that I am quite looking forward to re-reading the others — I read them all when I was living in Beijing in 2003, and was quite desperate for English books. I think I will appreciate them all the more now.

And then yesterday I realized that in my “archive” was an unread download, Kate Atkinson’s “Started Early, Took My Dog”. I have just finished it, stealing every free second I had to devour it on my phone and ipad. Mummy, you must get hold of it. It’s so cleverly written, such a great story, with a complex plot and complex characters, very typical Kate Atkinson in fact. It’s the fourth in a detective series and now I cannot wait to get hold of the other three, even though I cannot justify buying books right now… maybe that’s a good thing, as I cannot imagine resting until I’d read all three cover to cover!

Of course, now I have read all the books on my phone and need to download new (free) ones, for my daily bus journeys. Maybe I’ll have another stab at finishing the Eustace Diamonds (it got a bit heavy on the “anxious girl waiting to hear from her lover” elements, which fell a little too close to home for me at that time, but now I feel perfectly equipped to read on, Macbeth). Austen is great but Trollope is new to me.


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