is this the yoga class?

I had a free yoga class 10 days ago, which whilst very different from my beloved Ashtanga (dear, dear Amanda, how I miss your practice), was satisfactory enough to induce me to part with NT1000. This payment gives me unlimited attendance to the 6 practices a week, on the NCCU campus, until January. 

I was excited to finally start today, and even though I knew not to set my expectations too high, I really was disappointed. The teacher was different, and she just talked through the hour, not bothering to correct anyone’s posture, repeatedly keeping us in downward dog for several minutes at a time whilst ignoring all the people I could see around me who were not only DOING IT WRONG but probably in a lot of pain as well. Throughout the room, dozens and dozens of Taiwanese students in jeans and button-covered shorts were crammed together mere inches apart, and aped her moves as best they could, whilst in the next room someone banged away on a piano and practiced singing opera scales.

I really hope that the classes on Thursdays and Fridays will be with the previous teacher. This class felt more like she was trying to put people off — which is all ok I suppose, as the room was extremely crowded — but people have already paid their membership fees and I think that it’s disgusting to provide such terrible service. In fact, I didn’t even feel like she was a real yoga teacher.

However, the positives in every negative: unlike the previous class, where mats were supplied, there were no mats today. Everyone else had been informed of this fact during sign-up — I had to sign up by email as I had classes on — and I was probably looking beyond anxious when I asked the guys sitting in front of me where they had purchased their mats from. One of them immediately offered me his mat — which I most gratefully took, because my knees are absolutely not in a state to do yoga “bareback”. He was obviously an experienced yogi and I wish that he was teaching our classes instead of the girl currently doing them…


2 thoughts on “is this the yoga class?

  1. Oh Rosie… you need your own mat!!! I cringe at the idea of using a mat that countless other students have used before me… Oh, I’m sure they clean them between students but still. To me, a yoga mat it so personal! It’s like a toothbrush or underwear.

    Then again, maybe I’m obsessed 😉

    I really hope that your next class is better, with a more suitable teacher.

    • I have two excellent mats back in Melbourne but I don’t have funds here, and as the last class I went to they had provided (new) mats I assumed they would continue to do so. I’d rather use a sweaty mat than a cheap one leeching chemicals which is probably my only option right now…. Ugh how I hate being poor and not having EVERYTHING I NEED!


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