I was too tired to post after this evening’s run, but even after taking a shower and eating porridge for dinner, the washing machine STILL hasn’t finished its cycle and as I need to make sure my running gear is all clean and dry by Saturday (yes, hash run three times in a week, what of it?) I will have to wait it out to the bitter end.

Catherine asked me today at lunch, “Don’t you ever feel like you’re too tired and can’t be bothered to go to these runs?”. The thought had never crossed my mind. The expense of traveling to and from the meets, as well as that of the runs and post-run socialising, is annoying, but still doesn’t stop me from going. It’s something I simply have to work into my budget, because it’s currently the most important thing in my life.

The Red Dress Race next week falls the night before my midterms. In order to allow for this, I will spend the long holiday weekend studying (oh, and hash runs on both Saturday and Sunday) instead of on a beach in Yilan. The hash runs are non-negotiable. Whether I am tired or poor or busy — the rest of my schedule has to fit itself around them. For now, anyway… (I am as changeable as Melbourne weather and am aware this infatuation could end, although I can’t see how!).


2 thoughts on “addicted

    • I used to get like that with work! When I was working, I longed to be free to run around the park… but when I finished work, I just wanted to lay on the sofa and watch telly…


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