now that’s what I call yoga

Alternative Title: you had a bad day (rejected for negativity and bad taste in music)

The funny thing is, even as mishap after mishap kept piling up, starting with forgetting my phone and losing my student ID/travel pass, and culminating with me dropping my dinner on the floor… I really don’t mind. I tried really hard to think what I would change about my life right now, as I crawled up the hill to my house, weighed down by shopping, school books, sports gear and a yoga mat. I couldn’t think of a thing. Isn’t it strange how some days I have no reason to be unhappy and yet I can hardly bear to be alive, and then other times my life is a shitstorm and yet all rolls off me like water off a duck’s back.

Today did have some highlights. I had a great yoga class, in glaring contrast with Tuesday’s practice — this is the teacher I had for the original class and she is fantastic. Karine will be relieved to know that I have purchased my own mat, and that I realised how right she was about the “personal” aspect of a yoga mat. Turns out, practicing yoga in Taiwan means absolutely DRIPPING with sweat for an hour. 

And… best of all, the one little detail that keeps me smiling, which has perked me up whenever my new wisdom teeth ripped a little further into my cheek, or a shopkeeper started yelling abuse at me without reason, or I got lost walking home (no travel pass, remember?), is the purchase of an extortionately expensive bottle of… balsamic vinegar. Vinegar has been my holy grail since getting here, and I have failed to find anything that wasn’t sushi/rice vinegar, or apple vinegar. I love my salads doused in vinegar and now, at last, I have that precious condiment! No more weird asian salad dressings… huzzah. Of course then it was a wild goose chase trying to find a box grater so I could make my carottes rapées — a chase that culminated, SURPRISE!, in failure.

Amusingly, I forgot my homework in the shop where I bought my vinegar. I stumbled into the place when I was lost, and had just found my way again when I realised I was no longer holding my precious notes, so of course I had to turn around and walk back to the shop. Bad day I tell you! 


3 thoughts on “now that’s what I call yoga

  1. I can totally sent you a box grater in the mail TOMORROW if you want! I don’t know how long it would take to get to you, but I’ll totally do it. Gimme your address and I’ll send it off your way! I could send you fleur de sel for your salads, too, if this is something you like to use.

    Just say the word!

    (Also, YAY on the yoga mat !!!!!!! =D )


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