Aiya, yoga two nights in a row after a 6-month break HURTS. I was sore yesterday before the second class, but this morning I can barely move my arms. All those awful push-ups! But of course this is a good kind of ache, which means those muscles are hopefully shredded to pieces and now gently building up to be a bit bigger and harder than before. At least that’s my interpretation of DOMS. What?

I still remember the first time I had the post-exercise ache. I was 12. TWELVE! Yes, that is how inactive a child I was. The most physical effort I had ever put into anything was reading a heavier book than usual. On this particular occasion I had had my first gymnastics session (Wednesday afternoon school sports club, UNSS represent), and the next morning I had PE. I woke up in agony and convinced that I had injured myself. I limped up to the PE teacher (who was also the gymnastics coach) and whimpered to him about hurting all over and not being able to move my arms or legs. He looked at me like I was an idiot and told me it was just courbatures and to go get changed into my kit.

I learned later that the ONLY thing that gets you out of PE is the whisper of “indisposée“. I also learned later that I had absolutely no talent for gymnastics, and other than getting to prance around in a leotard once a week (my Decathlon justaucorps, I will never forget you), the only result of signing up for gymnastics at the ancient age of 12 would be humiliation at the end of the school year. Come competition time, our coach volunteered me to be on the judge panel, as it was glaringly obvious that my performance would be painful to watch and wouldn’t win our team any medals.

How I thought I would look

How I actually looked

Anyway, 16 years later, I am yet again crippled with DOMS but still getting ready for this afternoon’s Taipei Hash. Hopefully the outcome of running hash two days in a row will be less brutal than that of yoga two days in a row…


4 thoughts on “sore

    • Hi Ashley, thanks for commenting 🙂 let’s not even talk about how I probably look in yoga class…
      (by the way, I have written a letter for lululemon and when I finish my midterms I will run it by you to fact-check…)

  1. I woke up with a super sore upper back, so I literally feel your pain! I did a 45 min level 2/3 yoga class yesterday and all those downdog to plank and back to downdog have made my shoulder blades so ACHY! But it’s all worth it 😉


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