when you least expect it

I wasn’t planning to go to yoga tonight as I thought I still needed to rest after the weekend’s double runs in preparation for Wednesday’s run (not to mention study like crazy for midterms). Surprisingly, my knees recovered really fast after I massaged in some Advil gel, so this morning I decided I would bring my yoga gear with me, just in case, even though I strongly dislike the Tuesday class.

And guess what: come 7pm, I was really looking forward to yoga after studying all day; when I got there, there was a substitute teacher; her class was extremely gentle yet stimulating; she talked slowly and clearly in Chinese the whole time and made sure to come correct my posture whenever necessary. Sounds like a great class to me! In fact I felt so re-energised and calm afterwards, that when I finished class at 8:40, I went straight back to the library and studied until the library closed at 10. As my old co-worker Todd used to say, “How’d’ya like them apples?”.

Tomorrow is the Red Dress Charity Run and I have purchased a shiny red dress for NT100/$3 from the local old-lady-clothes shop. The old ladies at the counter oohed and aahed at how “beautiful” it was, so I didn’t have the heart to tell them it would be worn with a sports bra and runners, and probably end up soaked in sweat and beer, and covered in mud and dead leaves (actually it’s probably a good thing I didn’t as that sounds more like a rape-in-the-woods scenario). I will report back tomorrow!

PS: Runkeeper says I ran 66km in the last 30 days. Considering how my running was non-existent for the last 6 months, I am very pleased with this figure!


2 thoughts on “when you least expect it

  1. I think all clothing purchases are enlivened when you tell the shopkeeper/retail assistant/whatever that whatever apparel you are purchasing will probably end up soaked in sweat and beer, and covered in mud and dead leaves.

    I am going say this next time I buy a suit. 🙂

    • Don’t forget to mention you will wear it with a sports bra and running shoes!

      Disappointingly the whole run was very urban and whilst beer and sweat are present in generous proportions, there was a notable absence of mud or dead leaves.


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