stronger, faster, wiser

The run today felt ever so quick and easy — even decked out in my red dress — because it was so flat! Running on roads is so easy after all those weekends crawling up and down jungle paths.

I am definitely stronger. Definitely faster than I was 3 weeks ago (when I ran my first hash… how can it ONLY be 3 weeks?) although that isn’t saying much. Definitely a keener runner — I cannot bear to stand around waiting at checkpoints, and instead I run off to find what I hope will be the path. I don’t stop to walk when faced with a steep hill. I don’t stop when I’m a bit tired or a bit puffed. I keep moving, keep calling on those last reserves and am delighted to find it works.

I even walked up the Zhongxiao Fuxing escalator this evening on my way home. Towards the end my legs were bu-ur-ur-urning but I refused to stop and was rewarded by that incredible rush when I reached the top — my legs feel like they are made of pure energy right now! I still don’t know how Diane ran up the DOWN escalator. I don’t think I could run up the UP one…

And my wisdom teeth are being ever more annoying. I swear I will get them checked out soon. But I’ve been revising for my exams, and then on Saturday I’m going hiking with Lesley in Yangmingshan, and then on Sunday I have a hash run… ahhh dentists. I’d rather set out to run a marathon, right now, without training, than go see the dentist.*

A final note — I’m thrilled to have my first Hash t-shirt (although again Rebecca warns me that soon I’ll be groaning about YET ANOTHER HASH SHIRT I MEAN REALLY WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM ALL), and I’m sure there will be pictures soon for me to share with you of both our red-dress-race and the post-race t-shirts/bashing.

*poetic licence


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