red dress pictures

I should be revising for the exam tomorrow — or at the very least, setting up my presentation for the oral — but my brain has become impermeable to Chinese and so now I will divert myself by showing you a selection of photos from last night’s Red Dress Run. These are all “before and after” shots, as far as I can see nobody has put up any “during” pictures of the run itself that actually feature me (though I know they are out there). 

Rebecca and I are ready to rumble!

Group picture:

After the run, with Carrier, the Hash Godfather and Hare for last night’s trail:

With Rebecca again, suited up in my new t-shirt and accessorizing with Taiwan Beer:

Posing in Lina’s cowboy hat:

Can anyone tell how happy I am these days?


2 thoughts on “red dress pictures

  1. Love it. Looks like you’re having a ball. We’re looking at going in a run here before Christmas where everyone dresses up as a Santa. Only thing, it’s first thing in the morning at a (nonetheless) stinking hot time of year and there is no post-run drinking involved. 😦

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