wisdom extracted

After all the expensive and painful dentistry I endured in Australia (albeit at the hands of a lovely dentist), I had been putting off seeing a dentist about my wisdom teeth for months. The last week has been very painful and in the end no amount of Bonjela and painkillers was enough… I walked into a clinic yesterday and booked an appointment for straight after my exams. I figured it would be best to get everything unpleasant* out of the way as soon as possible!

Who would have guessed this tooth would be so cheap and easy to get rid of? I’d read about my dear friend Nom’s traumatic experience in China (in brief: 3 or 4 hours; a broken tooth; a lot of crying and pain; she described herself as looking like Britney Spears at her lowest point) and was dreading it. But my dentist and dental nurse were friendly and efficient. The anaesthetic went in, we waited a bit, the dentist reached in and fiddled a bit, I heard a sort of scraping sound as the metal bumped against my tooth… and then suddenly it was all over! I got to take the tooth home in a baggie, and it is basically impossible to get a good picture here in the library so please make do with this.

(It’s probably a good thing that you can’t see the details. It’s pretty gory up close.)

The pain has been fine so far, as they supplied me with some painkillers and 3 hours later nothing is giving me any grief. Of course I suspect that may well change.

Speaking of change, the cost of getting this done wiped out the entire contents of my purse, but that was only NT$ 1310 (of which NT $900 was the cost of the extraction — about AUD $30/EUR 20). Very happy about that, as the most basic visit to the dentist in Australia costs at least AUD $60. Now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I get some money back from the health insurance policy I have, although it’s unlikely.

*I don’t know who I’m trying to kid. I do actually love sitting exams. Not being sarcastic. I actually do. Even though I found the oral exam — a presentation — really nerve-wracking and was all trembly and sweaty, I still love the adrenaline rush…


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