lazy weekend

I was very lazy this weekend — apart from the China Hash run on Sunday, the only thing I did was go out for dinner with Lesley on Saturday night. We went to Ximending and stuffed ourselves with Indian food. It was so good to have tasty vegetarian curries and naan bread! We shared a spinach and paneer dish which was to die for, and a potato and fenugreek dish which tasted like spicy reheated roast potatoes but was completely acceptable. Our naans came out huge, hot, crispy and dripping in butter; I liked them a lot but I have to say they were more like Taiwanese cong zhua bing than what I think of as naan. Regardless, they were delicious… I really miss Melbourne and its multitude of great restaurants. The variety of the food in Melbourne, in addition to the fact that the products are fresh and of decent quality, makes me pine for Australia. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Sunday’s run was barely over 4km, which was good for me as I felt weak and soggy. I walked a fair bit more than I would have liked, but it was beautiful and fun — specially charging through an absolute mudbath. A couple of pics below…

And last picture, I was amused to stumble past an ancient bathtub, currently being used as part of a very haphazard irrigation system. It’s stamped MADE IN AUSTRALIA. I don’t know why but it made me smile as I crawled up the hill past it! Would of course been useful to wash off all that mud… the picture of my leg above is after I’d been through a small stream, but we had to toil through a section ankle deep in thick black mud, I’m glad I had double-knotted my shoe laces…

Today I did NOT want to get out of bed. But I did, in the end, and after class even felt lively enough to go for a swim. My knees were suffering no matter whether I swam crawl or breaststroke but I managed to do 20x50m lengths (aka a kilometre) so I am quite pleased with myself. I missed yoga due to exams/teeth last week and have been quite run down, I need to exercise every day or I get lazy and tired.


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