fingers and toes crossed

I’m hoping that I’m right and they’re wrong, but according to my school I had to convert my landing visa to a tourist visa AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE IT EXPIRES and it’s already 2 days past that deadline (for what it’s worth, we are debating the meaning of “should apply for an extension within 30 days prior to the expiration of their current 90-day landing visa” — I take that to mean I have to apply within those 30 days, but I guess the school knows best, right?). So tomorrow morning I have to slog over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and pray that whichever bureaucrat takes me on will be so kind as to close their eyes to the fact that I am (supposedly!) late, and please please let me convert my visa.

This was annoying information to get, to say the least, especially as I normally do the bulk of my studying in the mornings. So this evening I had to cram ALL my study into the evening as well as yoga. I almost didn’t go to yoga, but I was struggling to concentrate on my work, and decided I might as well go. I’m glad I did, as even though it was a KILLER session with the sadistic teacher, after the class I sat down and pounded out all the homework I needed to finish, just in time to get kicked out at 10pm.

Ok now I just have to recycle a passport picture from a superfluous ID card and pray they accept it tomorrow morning. Please, ye gods of Taiwan. I love my life here too much and really want to stay (without it costing me any extra money)!


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