long long day

So after accidentally getting up an hour too early (ie. 6am instead of 7am), I made the 1-hour bus trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only to be told that I was correct and my school was wrong. It’s one of those things you can’t really run the risk of screwing up, but it wasted my morning and cost me NT$60 in bus fares for nothing… I will be going back there next week as per my original plan. Sigh.

After school and before my run, I went home and discovered a present in the mail! The lovely Karine has sent me the cutest, funkiest grater ever and I cannot wait to attack some carrots with it! Thanks so so much Karine for your generous gift. I think I will have to keep it forever, it’s really so cute! Check it out!

Deranged Ginger Armed with Grater: Be Very Afraid

My run was the basic Tucheng up-a-steep-steep-mountain-and-back — it's sort of a training run as we do it every couple of weeks (so there is no cryptic trail to follow) and it's quite hard work. It's also the very same first run I ever did with the Hash and I was reasonably impressed at how much faster and fitter I was, in that I could chat the whole time we ran with Rebecca and that I could actually run up the first half of that insanely steep path. Then it gets practically vertical, and I was so puffed there was no way I keep it up. But then again, that is what I said the first time I ran it about the entire hill, and yet today, I did so much better! I couldn’t say a word the whole time I ran the first time at Tucheng, as I had a stitch and was severely out of breath.

If that last paragraph doesn't make much sense then please forgive me. I am very tired… but happy.

Oh and I got my midterms results back. I was frustrated to see that although I scored 89 on the written and 88 on the oral, most of the mistakes I had made on the written exam were due to my usual sloppy handwriting. I tend to scribble my characters and drop strokes here and there — it's a bad habit of mine and I should be making a conscious effort to slow down and write more clearly. Truth be told, I like to pretend my characters are similar to grass script, which I have been in love with ever since I first discovered it, 9 years ago in my introduction to Classical Chinese classs… however my “script” probably looks more like it was written by a 5-year-old holding a pen between his toes.


One thought on “long long day

  1. Oh yay, you got the grater !!!! 🙂

    I’m glad it reached you alright, I was afraid it would somehow get lots or would take 3 months to arrive. Let me know how it does the job once you start to use it. It seemed sturdy enough (and is adorable, to boot).



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