the curse of being a redhead

My poor red head after running! This is the face which causes so much concern amongst the Taiwanese as I pass them (with a classically painted Taiwan Power Station behind me):

I had planned to run track this morning and follow up with a swim, but in the end I went with a 5km run by the river in order to see how long it would actually take me. I was hoping to be a bit faster than I was, but in the end decided that I would take these figures as my “baseline” and work on improving them gradually. I know that I can do 5min/km as I have in the past, so that is my aim for the next few weeks.

So here are my stats:

Distance: 5.02km
Time: 30:49
Average Pace: 6:09min/km
Splits: (picture because it’s easier than typing)

The first kilometre is allowed to be a bit slow as I was warming up, but I was busting my arse between 2.5km and 3.5km, and ran a 5min/km before exhausting myself and reverting back to a very slow pace for the rest of the run. I think I’m ok with that, I will try and extend the “sprint” time gradually until there are fewer and fewer slow kilometres at the end.


7 thoughts on “the curse of being a redhead

  1. I hope that this is not a “sunburn” face but rather a “I’ve worked hard and am warm/sweaty” face. Because the second one will just fade and not cause you any pain other than being the object of a few stares, and the first one will be SO OUCHY.

    • People often think it’s sunburn, even at night (??!) but not at all. The weather was very overcast but even so I always wear a cap AND sunscreen… Protecting my assets you know!

  2. My daughter is a redhead and she BLUSHES brighter than a red stoplight and at the drop of a hat. She rues the day she was born a ginger…

    • Oh the blushing… The worst is how sometimes I think I’m blushing and people tell me I’m not but then just thinking that I’m blushing makes me blush. Ruins any attempt at guile or even vague hopes of concealing my feelings!

    • Urgh I wish it was fun! It helped that I was listening to a really full-on Steve Aoki/Kid Cudi/MGMT remix which had crowds screaming and cheering but I mostly felt slow and heavy and unfit… legs were burning by the time I hit kilometre 4 and I would probably have given up if the endpoint hadn’t been in sight. I’m so envious of all the (mostly male) runners I know who just glide along at 16kmph like it ain’t no thing…


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