c’est quand le bonheur

It’s right now, apparently. I had a fantastic weekend and even though today’s China Hash run was exhausting, I had a ball. It’s funny how you think you can’t move another metre — can’t take another step — but still you grind up to the top of this hill, and down it, and up the next…

This pic was taken at departure, but trust me, I looked just as happy when I arrived at the end of the trail (with a redder face, of course). I probably didn’t look quite this thrilled when faced with YET ANOTHER CLIMB but all that is behind us now. I wish my time in Taiwan would never end!

There were some incredible views on this run (there always are, but for once, I have actually got some snapshots to show), so here are few more pictures, as after all it’s not ALL about me and my cheesy grin:

Yes, that is Taipei 101 in the background. You don’t really grasp how tall it is in the City, because it’s just there hovering around you, but a lot of the runs take us outside Taipei and it’s always impressive to see the once-tallest tower in the world dominate the horizon.

I should probably clarify that Taiwanese houses don’t look this nice and orderly. This is a graveyard, with a huge, Inca-style staircase out there (which some brave souls ran up in their quest to find the trail). The graveyards often command the most spectacular views and agreeable environment. I have never seen a Taiwanese neighbourhood that looked like anything less than a shantytown — not to say that they don’t exist, but the homes of the living that I have seen are no where near as nice as the homes of the dead.

Ok well the other pictures are refusing to show up on Photobucket, so you will just have to take my word for it.


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