102 Taiwanese kilometres

Yes! tonight’s run brought me to a total of 102km since I started running again on September 11th.

Tonight was only my second proper night-time hash run, as the others have been very much run on the road. Running in the dark, crashing down a steep path where roots and stones were doing their very best to trip me up, I believe I had about 5 different thoughts which alternated over and over. There was very little room for original thought after all as most of my brain was dedicated to keeping my body vaguely vertical.

1 — I wish my torch was brighter. I’m buying a new torch this weekend. In fact I’m buying two, so that if one dies or gets dropped I have a backup. God imagine if I ran out of batteries now? after all…

2 — …after all am I not terrified of the woods at night? Isn’t this kind of Blair Witch Projecty? Why am I not scared? I grew up so afraid of the nasty things that hide out in the woods and yet here I am, by myself, lit only by the increasingly feeble light of my torch, and the only thing I’m afraid of is losing time…

3 — …I can’t believe how much time I wasted on that check point! I must have dithered for at least 2 minutes, bellowing “ARE YOU” into the void with zero response, why didn’t I see the arrow? I should have just kept running! and right at the beginning of the run, why did I take that road off to the side with Lina? I should have just kept going straight ahead!…


5 — …you don’t have to be crazy to run hash, but why else would you do it?

Those five thoughts, or variations thereof, repeated over and over in no particular order, and then suddenly I was going through a deserted slippery temple, and then I was running over the Xindian bridge, weaving in and out of the crowd (which felt like being in a Jackie Chan movie, to be honest, as I dodged the Taiwanese who seemed to be even more determined than usual to stand in my way) and then the run was over. And I was first girl in, which gave me pleasure despite knowing full well that it was only because Gail was the Hare and Susan got lost. Still. First is first!


3 thoughts on “102 Taiwanese kilometres

      • Actually, work’s pretty good. It’s just sometimes that you have those days that you think are going to go in one direction and they take on a life of their own. That, and I just love the use of the word “holyfuck”. When I am smiling and being erudite to people words like this are often popping up in my internal monologue. 🙂

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