zhengs and dolphins

When I first started yoga at Zhengda, I could barely think straight because of the absolute cacophony in the adjoining room. Whilst we wobble around doing yoga, next door a bunch of foolish students are attempting to master the Zheng. Simultaneously. With less than stellar results.

Imagine a large room full of university students strumming away on these… 

looking like this:

Just kidding. They don’t look like this either, but it might give you a better idea of the atmosphere nonetheless, so let’s pretend that this is the Zhengda Zheng Class:

It sounds like the soundtrack to every Chinese film ever, all played at once. Badly. Next to my FACE.

Ok, I’m getting a little repetitive here, but I really would like to make it clear how noisy and unharmonious the whole deal is. Really not ideal for someone like ME (Hi, my name is Rosie, and I’m addicted to ear-plugs), when doing something like YOGA.

But it turns out you can get used to anything. I hardly noticed the noise today, and was far more interested in seeing how long I could hold THIS (which is I gather related to the Dolphin pose):

(only this lady is leaning forwards too much and has her upper arms at a weird angle, I think they’re supposed to be perpendicular to the floor — plus it’s a tiny picture — but it was the only one I could find which looked like the pose we did)

When we did this pose last week, I could barely lift my forehead off the ground for a second. Today, I held my shoulders up and stared at my fists for the entire countdown. I love it when I can clearly see my progress. I want to be strong! I am fed up with being so weak. I miss my personal trainer (only I don’t miss him as he was a massive bogan) and my guns. Was that really two years ago? Where did time go??


3 thoughts on “zhengs and dolphins

  1. Bahaha, I looked at that picture of dolphin and the first thing that popped into my head was “She is leaning too far forward and should relax her neck a little – you are not meant to look that far forward in this pose” … and then you had pretty much the same comment right underneath.

    Also, NICELY DONE on holding this pose – it takes a lot of strength and I for one, do not enjoy (But I can do it. Just, you know, begrudgingly).

    • Yeah some poses I wish I could go back to “before” when I was too weak to do them, because they hurt so much to do properly!! (Looking at you, Downward Dog — my legs will never loosen up enough for it not to hurt like fccccck)

      • For me, painful poses to hold are anything that require upper body strength. Plank and any of the side plank variations are my personal hell, and I’m not helping myself grow stronger by always wimping out and doing the most wimpy variation there is…

        Downward dog doesn’t really phase me anymore, except maybe the 3 legged variation where you raise one leg super hight, and maybe bend the knee to sort of twist into it… like this:

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