so grand

Zhengda’s music societies obviously got the note yesterday regarding my feelings on zheng practice. Today I was trying to relax in corpse pose at the end of yoga class, and suddenly realised I could hear not only the crazy zheng players next door, but rising up through the floor, a freaking brass band was practicing a rousing tune called “Let’s Drive Rosie Round The Bend!”. Hah. It sounded great as a mash-up with the traditional zheng music.

After yoga and before heading back to the library for a long, wild Friday night of studying (I feel I must get it all out the way before the weekend can start), I went to get some much deserved dinner. For reasons which I’ve yet failed to identify, whenever I do a quick calorie count, I seem to be barely scraping 1500kcal a day, which considering how active I am is really not enough. But it’s just so difficult to find food I want to eat… that isn’t cong zhua bing (fried chive pancake with a fried egg and hot sriracha sauce). I want nice vegetarian food damn it!

However tonight I treated myself to lu wei, which is kind of like pic’n’mix only everything you pick gets plunged into a huge cauldron of black broth, boiled up, and served back to you in a bowl if you’re lucky, or in a plastic bag if you’re not. It’s one of the few foods I like that isn’t deep-fried (which is the main source of the calories I am consuming, but who can resist deep-fried ANYTHING?).

Lu wei stalls look like this, and for a whole year I was terrified-slash-revolted by them.

There’s generally a lot of vaguely identifiable raw meat/seafood/tofu going on without any real hygiene measures in place to prevent flies crawling over them or the cook from coughing over them. But then I was out late with my friend Alecs one night back in 2007 and he purchased a bag full of noodles and… stuff… and pursuaded me to give it a go. It was so delicious that I was able to overlook the generally unappetizing aspect of it, as well as the lack of hygiene (after all, this is Taiwan, I’m kidding myself if I think the hygiene is better in the kitchens I can’t see).

My lu wei tonight had green peppers, green beans, leafy greens, cauliflower, noodles, and the best food in the whole of Asia…

Tofu skin. LOVE IT. I crave it all the time. I could eat a huge plateful of it and come back for seconds. There’s just something about the texture! NOM.


7 thoughts on “so grand

    • I know, I love the tofu… The other night I was queuing for lu wei and the girl ahead of me chose 4 types of tofu… and nothing else. I would have approved a little more if it had been 4 types of tofu SKIN though! you would love it here — there are dozens of varieties and ways of preparing it.

  1. Have a bad music story of my own from last night. After maybe one glass of red too many I had drifted off into a sleep that wasn’t as deep as I would like. At about 3am, for no reason and out of the blue, the house over the road, which had not presented with any of the symptoms of having a party, decided that now was the time to play Hotel California. Really, really loud. Neighbourhood-waking-up-ly loud.

    Give me a dozen zheng players and a dozen dozen brass bands ahead of The Eagles without warning at that time of morning.

  2. yum! tofu skin is delish. I wish we had something like it in Kunming. I think you would love the er kuai sweet pancake/burrito they serve here. It is bbqed then slathered in peanut butter and sweet n savoury relish, in the end you can even add a you tiao for extra bang. Not very healthy but super sweet!

    • Not very healthy but super sweet sounds like most food here! Do you mean you don’t have Lu Wei in Kunming, or you don’t have tofu skin??? No tofu skin would be an abomination, so I’m assuming it’s the luwei that is lacking. Miss you Nommy! Xx

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