running on empty

I can’t really figure out why running is so hard still. Today was such a struggle to push out 5km and yet it was an entirely flat stretch of path along the river. I ate a couple of hours before running so that I would have enough fuel, and I also drank a can of the delightfully named Pocari Sweat so that I would be sufficiently hydrated.

I forgot to bring earphones so couldn’t listen to music, but I never listen to music on the Hash so it doesn’t matter too much. However I never really got into my stride; I seem to be stuck at jogging. Sometimes I would push harder but I could hardly breathe (I do feel like my lungs are weaker here?).

I know that I should either chose to improve speed or distance, and that as I enjoy running longer distances I should stop making myself upset worrying about pace. I hate how running always becomes a numbers game for me (except on the Hash, which is why I love it so very very much). I get fixated on how long, how far, how fast, how often. I want so badly to improve when in fact I can’t improve if I’m not working with what I’ve got. I did try for more of a Fartleks kind of approach at times (run hard as I can to the next bend, jog to the bench etc) but I was winded within metres. How come I can do it on the hash but not here? It’s very intriguing.

Stats (cos numbers are numbers anyway):
Time 32 min
Distance 5.07km
Average pace 6:18min/km


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