flexible plans

Today my plan involved getting so many things done. In the end I achieved very little — I did go to the doctor’s after class, but my studying and yoga plans evaporated as I have been feeling sick. So I came home and was weak and lazy and ate too much celery (why must celery taste so good? I know it’s stereotyped as a health food but I don’t think you’re supposed to eat as much of it as I do in a single sitting).

However I must get my act together to sort out plans for my trip to see Stef in Korea. There were murmurs of hitting up Hong Kong for a weekend but ultimately my visa is what it is and will expire on the 13th of February. I have to get my visa extension confirmed before I buy my ticket to Korea though… I’m anxious to buy it right now whilst the price is still under AUD $900 — that’s including the onward flight from Seoul to Melbourne a couple of weeks later.

Korea is still 3 months away though and I am grateful to be able to put off any immediate plans. I have a few ideas on the back burner for 2012 — maybe Sydney with my supermate/other half Cici? I’m still no closer to a career path, and in fact I don’t feel like I ever want to work again, but then again, who does. So I’ll just keep ignoring those concerns until something new comes along and everything just falls into place.

I know to some people that sounds irresponsible, unrealistic and flakey (hello Jed) but in fact I think it’s actually a privilege and a strength. I’ve been living according to this philosophy for the last 6 weeks, and it has done incredible things for me:

“For unless one is able to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax. There is no point whatsoever in making plans for a future which you will never be able to enjoy. When your plans mature, you will still be living for some other future beyond. You will never, never be able to sit back with full contentment and say “Now, I’ve arrived!” Your entire education has deprived you of this capacity because it was preparing you for the future, instead of showing you how to be alive now.”

I’m not denying changes will eventuate… I’m just refusing to spoil the good times I have now by worrying about those changes.


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