slowing down to speed up

Tonight I ran 10.38km up and down a mountain so steep that at times I honestly thought I was going to fall off (hello, 369m climb!). I am so happy. This was a really, really hard run — because by my side I had an Ultramarathon runner who would not let me stop running. He coaxed me and coached me and lied over and over about how much further it was until the mountain stopped going up and started going down.

And I did it. It was agony and it wasn’t done terribly fast either — an hour and 29 minutes — but he taught me so much about running and understanding my body (that sounds kind of wrong though!). Just like with my yoga teacher, the same phrase came up again and again: 肩膀放鬆!I should get it tattooed across my hands so I remember: RELAX YOUR SHOULDERS ROSIE. They are constantly up around my ears.

We discovered I had forgotten how to breathe, and he helped me learn how to do that properly again. Remember how I was complaining about not being able to breathe when I run? How did I forget how to do something so basic? Lame. Anyway, I am very happy. I feel like I need to go back to the very basics instead of trying to bully myself into go faster (and failing quite spectacularly).

The last few days had been a bit tense as I forgot to take my pill during the weekend and was swamped with waves of hormones and period pains I had forgotten existed. I have become highly dependent on Yaz, which I have to take every day without a break in order to keep my hormones/emotions level. Consequently I’ve been a little bit more snappy as well, but mellowed out significantly after getting my Chinese test back today: 99/100 and a note from the teacher about how much I have progressed with my tones! Yay. Today has definitely been a good day.


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