…and don’t forget to cheer up either

I missed yoga on Tuesday. And again on Thursday. And again on Friday. No yoga since last Friday, so by the time the next class rolls around it will have almost been 2 weeks. That class is going to hurrrrt.

I did run much better today though! I have been feeling quite dreary all week and kept putting off exercising. This morning I woke up and it was so hot and sunny already at 8am that I felt it would be insanity to run. Then by 9am I realised that if I didn’t run, the insanity would be worse.

I don’t know if it was the combination of fresh legs (apart from the 10k I ran on Wednesday I basically haven’t exercised all week), the lessons I learned from my new running friend, the article I read last night about barefoot running and improving how your foot lands… or even the lovely weather (although the sunscreen/sweat mix pouring down my red face and into my gaping mouth was not pleasant in appearance or taste). But I ran further and with far more energy — even putting in 3 kilometres at sub-6min pace. Which for me is definitely an improvement.

I wasn’t even trying, unlike last week. I had accidentally set RunKeeper to miles instead of km so its updates were fairly meaningless to me (I know 1.6km = 1 mile but beyond that, working out my pace was just impossible).

So now I am all cheered up again. Lets see how long these endorphins last me… Wednesday’s were worn out within about 18 hours, but I’m running again tomorrow for the China Hash so that should boost things a litte.


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