mountains for dinner

I just got back from Tucheng where I improved that 10.5km run up and down the mountain by 6 minutes. My Taiwanese “coach” continued to encourage me and I am so grateful for everything he has taught me about my posture and breathing… also my Chinese benefits from his company, as for an hour and 24 minutes I entered a sort of meditative state, where he talked to me about running and somehow I understood every word but of course couldn’t really answer due to being almost entirely focused on running up that mountain.

I feel really happy — again, but it’s true! — with how my running has improved. I was running so much more comfortably, whether uphill, downhill or on flat ground. The worst is the downhill, because it’s so steep.

This Sunday I did a 20km hike in Neihu with some Russian friends. I was very disappointed as I was hoping to be on trails in the mountains, but in fact it was all on roads (I shouldn’t be surprised as it was organized by Taiwanese…).

And on Tuesday I did a 1500m swim before class, to loosen up my legs following the hike… it did loosen up my tight legs but of course my hips are now aching because I swam too fast for the last few laps — I always get carried away once I get past 20 lengths, and start imagining I’m some sort of Olympic breaststroke champion (seriously. It’s hilarious).

But of course nothing compares to the Wednesday night run up and down Tucheng. I’m really looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks!

Yoga has been cancelled this week and I am hesitating about either swimming again tomorrow or having another rest day. I should really be working on strength rather than yet more cardio though…

This entry brought to you by Dull Exercise-Obsessed Rosie. Doesn’t make for very interesting reading I know, but it feels great!


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