Look who got into the hottest nightspot in town!

It is raining and dark and late… so everyone is turning a blind eye to the adorable library dog.

My wildly exciting Friday, the precursor to an even more exciting weekend, included studying before class, class, public transport 50 minutes each way to the Minsistry of Foreign Affairs to pick up my passport (complete with the most hideous photo on my new visa), back to school, studying, swimming 1400m, and then wandering home to do thrilling things like laundry and washing up. Now it's 11pm and I am exhausted…

I'm quite stressed about the amount of school work I need to get done this weekend. We have the end of term exams next week, and as well as 12 chapters of Chinese to revise, we need to prepare a 15 minute presentation for the oral section of the exam. Additionally I need to write and memorize the speech I need to give next Saturday at the speech contest (which is just going to be humiliating at this point, and I have kind of lost faith in my chances of actually getting a scholarship, but I am bravely going through with it anyway).

Swimming did help a lot though, as I eventually managed to find some sort of theme for the speech as I swum up and down the lanes. My only distraction was the terrible breath of the person in the next lane over from me. Whenever I swam towards him I felt like I was going to choke!

Plans for the weekend: Study. Run. Study. Swim. Study. Oh there is a birthday party in there on Saturday night too… I have sworn I will attend, as I have been notoriously flaky these past months.


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