rain again

It’s nearly half past two and I’m still at home, heartily discouraged by the rain outside. This morning I went for a run to what looked on the map like it might be a trail, but ended up being steps, steps, slippery paths and more steps, up Jingmei Mountain (it’s more of a very steep hill, to be honest, but that is its name). I’ve decided based on previous experiences that running up these “mountains” is a good way to warm up for the first couple of kilometres; there is a goal ahead (the crest and the view), I am forced to walk and catch my breath every now and then, and then after those hills everything else seems a lot easier and moves more smoothly.

I say this of course, but look at my face after running 3km up and down Jingmei and then another 5km along the river:

Doesn’t exactly scream “easy, smooth running” does it? Never mind. And yes, I’ve had a haircut and I’m still reeling from the consequent emotional fallout. It’ll grow back, I tell myself.

This morning I also purchased my plane tickets to Seoul, where I’ll be staying from the 12th to the 29th of February. I do have to go somewhere after Korea, and being as the only somewhere that actually has friends and work already lined up is Melbourne, well, Melbourne it is. It makes me a little nervous to have the trajectory back into the real world already lined up, but I tell myself that I can always back out at the last minute and go live in the jungle in Bali (because that’s so me, isn’t it…).

Speaking of paths and trajectories all lined up… whilst I was running today I came across half a dozen of these:

Mean anything to you? If not, maybe you’ll guess, knowing that every new sighting was a fresh reminder that there is no Hash this weekend. Well to my knowledge, anyway — I did wonder why there was a trail going along Jingmei River but I assume it isn’t an actual Hash run — would be a VERY dull location for it. Too early in the morning for the mystical, men-only Taipei Hash… Nearly every other hasher in the country is at Down Island, a once-a-year event involving lots of running and drinking. If it hadn’t been the weekend before my exams… sigh.


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