scientology and swimming

Where did my weekend go? I came home from the library on Sunday night and did NOT feel ready to face a Monday morning. However today did end up being fairly productive.

My teacher has kindly proof-read my speech for the contest so that’s all ready and all I need to do is learn it by heart (of course). Then this afternoon Catherine and I had a fantastic and delicious lunch — I ordered the vegetarian burger at the local pseudo-western joint, and to my delight was served a burger containing a humongous stack of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, grilled pineapple rings and a fried egg, with plenty of fresh salad and a pile of mouth-watering chips. I’ve so found my new favourite meal…

After our very long lunch (it takes a while to plow through that much food, and to catch up on the weekend’s gossip) we went to the library and I managed to write most of my oral exam presentation. I’ve decided to do an expose on Scientology (I’m not terribly sympathetic to religion and even less sympathetic to money-making, abusive cults that pretend to be religions) and it’s really exciting to be have so much vocabulary and the ability to express myself on topics like this — when I was last studying in Taiwan 4 years ago, I was starting to be able to write/talk about politics and current affairs, and it’s really empowering to move beyond the basic topics that are forced upon us at lower levels (such as “going to the restaurant” and “what is your favourite animal”).

After writing my presentation (well, most of it, I just need to round out the bits which I am not interested in writing about) I went for a swim. I did 1500m — of which 500m (10 lengths!) was FREESTYLE aka CRAWL aka ROSIE NO LIKEY. I have always hated and feared swimming crawl, and it leaves me lightheaded and dizzy (not to mention exhausted) after a single length. However, I have noticed recently that since I started running more, my breast-stroke kick feels a lot stronger, and so decided to give it a go. The first couple of lengths were messy and spluttery, but by the final length I had started to get the hang of it. It comes down to me working out my rythm, and a pattern for my breathing so that I have cues when to breathe in or out… but up till now I have never had the patience or the stamina to keep going until the pattern emerges. Happy! Looking forward to my next swim!


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