yes we can

I finished my written and oral exams, and just have to get through the next 16 hours (oh and perfect my speech recitation) and then I will FINALLY be able to stop studying! For a week, anyway. I feel like I have never studied as intensely as I did this term. I always got through school by doing the bare minimum of work, seeing as that always resulted in moderately successful grades. But my boss pummeled the notion of excellence into me and working full-time gave me the endurance and willpower to keep. going. every. day. I don’t know why they say university prepares students for real life; I think work is the best way to prepare for school.

And in addition to studying like a fiend, I also made sure to exercise every day. Swimming or yoga, seeing as I didn’t have time to squeeze in a run. And tonight in yoga I did THIS, even though I fully expected to collapse in a sweaty mess on the floor:

The photo comes from this web page. I admit I haven’t looked at the rest of the website, but I do identify with the teenagers she describes. Last week we learned the expression 成就感 “sense of achievement”. I have been full of 成就感 all day. I like it.

This morning when I woke up I felt defeated just thinking about all the work I still had to do for my exams. I was thinking how it was like having run and run for hours and hours, and then being expected to run extra hard and extra fast for the last stretch. Only at least when running, you always have the option to just walk for a while. No walking here. But in fact I did get it all done, and I realise there is that option, you can “walk” the studying until you feel strong enough to run again — you just aren’t allowed to actually STOP. Or to waste hours online pretending to study. Not that I would know about that. And here I am, within sight of the finishing line…


4 thoughts on “yes we can

  1. Congrats on doing this headstand !!! I can’t do any arm balances (think crow and company) or headstands to save my life… I blame it on the fact that 1) I have poor upper body strength and 2) I am a heavier girl so it’s that much harder for keep all of my weight balanced on my hands or head. I’ll get there, eventually. If I can loose the other 40 pounds I have to loose. I already lost over 60lbs, do… I CAN DO IT !


    • You are inspirational! You will definitely get there. I never thought I could do this headstand (I think it’s quite painful, no matter how I wriggle around looking for my crown) but somehow it all came together…
      My upper body strength — like most women, I imagine — isn’t great either, which is why I’m doing this 100 push-up challenge. I doubt I’ll make it but it will definitely improve things!

  2. “I think work is the best way to prepare for school.”

    I love this quote, and couldn’t agree more with it. It should be imprinted on a T shirt for every would-be mature age student to ponder. 🙂

    • I have discovered that what some universities call “Mature Student” is in fact secret code for “Student who actually does all the readings, all the homework, comes to all the classes and listens to the lecturers instead of fiddling with their iPhones. Oh and actually paid for the tuitiion fees themselves”…


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