dulan love

Is it already Wednesday?

Everything has been a bit blurry since Sunday’s China Hash run. As I didn’t have school the next day, I stayed on for the post-run drinking, eating, drinking and more drinking, and consequently spent Monday in bed feeling extremely delicate. This before dragging myself to Taipei Main Station to catch the 11pm overnight train to Taidong. Seven hours on a brightly lit train — and as I bought my ticket at the last minute, I was lucky enough to be right next to the toilet — meant that by 6am when I reached Taidong, I was in a new dimension of tired.

However the air here is electric. The moment I got off the train, the amazing light of the rising sun hit the mountains around me, and as I was driven to Dulan by the insane taxi tout, all I could do is gape at the mountains to one side of me and the crashing waves to the other, all bathed in that soft, pink, early morning light. The views are breath-taking and the weather is perfection — it’s stifling here in summer, but the last days of November are sunny and warm with a soft breeze and bright blue skies — a perfect day for me!

I’m in Dulan to see Ally, Juan and Nalia. I decided to make the trip on a whim, realizing that I was up 600 NT following that speech competition and had time off from school. I had planned to go see them in Gaoxiong but by perfect coincidence they were heading East and so here I am.

Nalia is somehow even more enchanting, and we are sharing a room in a warm friendly hostel. It’s low season and we are the only people here, and last night Juan cooked amazing Spanish food and the owners prepared delicious amazing local food, and we shared this feast with a mix of vintage expats and Taiwanese. We had a great conversation (amongst several) about the blood type diets and how for many of us, eating intuitively has brought us to foods that are very much aligned with our recommended blood-type diets. Juan and I are both A, Ally and Barry (the hostel owner) are type B, and the foods we like or dislike or cannot digest perfectly fit with the diets’ findings.

I think there are a lot of mentions of the word “perfect” in this post. But it is perfection here. I feel so reinvigorated and exulted and back to myself, after the last few weeks which have been very stressful. The four of us (including Nalia, who slept through the entire night) get on so well and I am sad to be rushing back up to Taipei… But I have a mountain to run up in Tucheng tonight, as well as a couple of things to sort out before I go back to school, so I need to hop back on the train for another 7 hours.

Stay tuned for a gazillion pictures!


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