my pet mountain

Wednesday night means Tucheng night (every other week, anyway). 1 hour bus, 7 hours train, 25 minutes MRT, and I was finally at the starting point to run that mountain. My “coach” scolded me for being late and then pushed me HARD, despite my protests about too little sleep and no food. And despite the massive snake that we ran into (try running fast up a steep hill in the dark and tripping over a snake — does wonders for your cardio).

And I really did run way better. If it hadn’t been for my sock rubbing my left toe to the point where I had to limp the last few kilometres, I would have massively crushed my time for that 10.5km of bitching mountain.

Week 1 – 1:30:00
Week 2 – 1:24:00
Week 3 – 1:20:00!!!

By the way, yesterday I did day 1 of the 100 Push Ups challenge yesterday: 13 push ups. In a bit I may do day 1 of the 200 Sit Ups challenge. Or I may just get some much-needed sleep.

PS – check out my guest run report on Run Taiwan.


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