day of rest

Today I had big plans! but despite getting up at 6am to clean my room and do laundry (which is still in the machine, 10 hours later) I then got sidetracked by the discovery that my phone has been cut off. Apparently the guy who processed my phone didn’t bother to submit my identification details to the company and now I have no phone service. Which is making coordinating with the various people I have plans with quite difficult.

Apart from running around trying to sort out my phone (which still isn’t working), today I have mostly been… napping. Oh and I had a craving for red meat so I went and got a decent burger at this American diner-type place and it promptly made me sick. Unsurprisingly, after 3 months of mostly vegan diet my body does NOT like huge slabs of beef anymore… one more reason to go back to bed.

I am currently reading two Trollope novels simultaneously, The Warden on Kindle on my phone, and Phineas Finn on iBooks on the iPad. The fact that The Warden was written before Barchester Towers makes things even more complicated, as I am constantly being referred to characters whose future I already know (ie. Mr Bold who is alive and unmarried in The Warden, but in BT is already several months dead and presumably at some point prior to his death got married to Elenor). But I’m still enjoying them — although I confess I wouldn’t read The Warden if it wasn’t the only unread book on my phone. Other recently read e-books: Treasure Island (another “I wouldn’t have read it except it was already on my phone” which I still quite enjoyed), L’Oeuvre (aka my favourite Zola ever, and which I wrote a huge blog post about at the time but never published), and every Contesse de Segur book I could find (not the most intellectual reading, but then again I think Ctesse de Segur is the reason why my French soutenu was/is so impeccable, so it’s kind of like revision…).

I’m right this minute flaking on yoga (cold; rain; disruptive drinking/dinner plans involving green beers in Yongan) but I did do my push-up/sit-up challenges though! (disclaimer: these are the total figures for the 5 sets, not for consecutive reps)

Week 1, Day 2: 19 push-ups

Week 1, Day 1: 73 crunches


One thought on “day of rest

  1. I feel for you re: the phone. I hate bad service. I called a plumber on Monday to fix a minor leak in the toilet (which if I was half-competent I could surely deal with myself). He said was going to come on Tuesday afternoon. Didn’t see hide nor hair of him, and finally I got text from him this afternoon when I wasn’t home asking if it was okay for him to pop around. Is it that hard for people to do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it??

    Okay. Sorry. Rant over now. I’ve been bottling that up for a few hours. 🙂


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