quan shenti

This morning is the first day of my last term *sniff* and I would like to be feeling a little more energetic than I do. I don’t understand why I feel so wiped out all the time — I got a full 8 hours of sleep (interrupted by waking up parched and tossing my entire room trying to find my bottle of water, before eventually locating it under my pillow) and I normally am reinvigorated by exercise… Maybe I should go for a little swim or some yoga before class.

Here is a picture of my class last term — we will all be together this term, but with a different teacher and a couple of new classmates. I am apprehensive as my teacher last term (the lady with the denim jacket) was so good and I don’t want anyone else this term!

Yesterday was a glorious run — 8.5km of which probably half were agonizingly steep uphill steps — with truly beautiful weather that was almost like an early Autumn day in Europe, and amazing views out over Taipei. I am so glad and grateful that the Hash gets me out of bed and takes me running all over the city and the surrounding mountains. If my phone wasn’t so frustrating I would have lots of pictures to share…

I am still trying to work out why I am so tired all the time. I wonder if it’s to do with not getting enough protein; according to the fitness body calculator thinger I did, I need over 90g a day of protein and I’m definitely not getting them. My interest in the food here continues to plummet, as the few sources of protein I did like become increasingly unappealing (I used to drink a lot of yoghurt but suddenly I don’t like it anymore; I used to eat eggs at least twice a day but my box of 12 eggs has been untouched for 2 weeks; tofu remains delicious but is hardly a handy “snack”). However! I bought a tin of precious imported baked beans the other night. I will treat myself to some french bread to go with them, so as not to spoil the experience with the disgusting sweet “milk toast” (I learned the hard way with Vegemite…).


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