sleepy tofu

My new teacher seems… ok. I am trying to adjust, despite her insistence on using Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 5. I hate this series with a passion, and I really had to overcome a hurdle and swallow my protests with a smile, when she told me that this was THE BEST BOOK FOR US. Ok.

stupidest Mandarin book in the WORLD:

After class I had a HUGE bowl of lu wei. This time I remembered to take a picture before jumping in and scalding my tongue:

Doesn’t it look delicious? I had rice noodles, tofu skin, fried tofu, green peppers, cabbage, broccoli, green beans AND baby sweetcorn, topped with coriander and spring onions. I thought I would have to take half away, but I devoured the whole thing! So good.

And then… I slept. And slept. Useless! At least before going back home to bed I remembered to buy some dehumidifiers for my room. The damp in Muzha is awful, and my leather handbag and shoes have already suffered the moldy fate of a winter in Taipei. So… I suppose that’s all I have done for me today!


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