the good, the bad

Today’s good: this morning I did my push-up/sit-up challenges before class, followed by delicious crusty french bread I had warming in the oven whilst I was busy sweating.

(repeat disclaimer: these are the total figures for the 5 sets, not for consecutive reps)

Week 2, Day 1: 28 push-ups

Week 1, Day 3: 101 crunches

Also (hopefully) good: Yoga tonight. I am really looking forward to doing sun salutations and planks and crunches, with my increased upper body strength! Now if only my legs would stop feeling weak and shaky all the time, everything would be perfect.

Today’s bad: I HATE MY TEXTBOOK SO FREAKING MUCH. I am really disappointed. There’s english definitions for ALL the vocab — and I already know half the words anyway — plus they have inserted this weird, distracting “phonetic” language which I have had to go through and censor, because it just confuses me. Who reaches this level and can’t read pinyin or bopomofo?? if you still need dumbed down phonetic pronunciation help then you are really out of your depth. Oh wait, it’s a ridiculously off topic, out-dated, Mainlander Chinese-oriented textbook! that’s probably why. 

Stupidest Mandarin textbook in the UNIVERSE:

Bonus factoid: if the new American guy in our class keeps answering the teacher in English much longer, I will not be held accountable for any acts of violence.


3 thoughts on “the good, the bad

  1. that distracting phonetic language is a sad consequence of the DPP trying to stick it to China. politicizing language, ugh. i did the same exact thing in my textbooks!


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