thank you energizer

Tonight I had an awesome Metro Hash run. I got a 10-minute headstart on account of being a WEAK and FEEBLE woman, and this combined with my luck in sailing through every single checkpoint meant that I was alone ahead for most of the 8.5km run. It was so fun but also quite intense as it involved:

– lots of steps, all of which were slippery and slimy because of the rain, and some of which were quite creepy and eery, with a distinct abandoned temple feeling a la Jungle Book
– a lot of running in the dark, thanks to my brand new Energizer torch. I intentionally invested in a “good torch” for tonight’s run and it turned out to have really faulty contacts. I had to walk or run very softly a lot of the time, as the slightest jolt would shock it into extinction.
– several dogs, who all barked their intense surprise as I passed by. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not scared of dogs and I know how to manage them (unless they are mental), but when a dog suddenly leaps out at you in the dark barking its head off, it startles you and you lose a little of the poise that is required to show those canines who’s the boss.
– the views would probably have been spectacular were it not for the clouds which had draped themselves over the mountains. It actually adds quite a lot to the atmosphere when you’re running through a cloud so I didn’t mind, but it didn’t improve visibility.
– running eye-first into a branch whilst fighting with my torch whilst running down a really steep slippery uneven path in the jungle in the pitch dark, thus blinding myself even further as the tears poured down my face.
– remember the casual mention of ALONE and EIGHT-AND-A-HALF KILOMETRES? I enjoyed all of it but let’s not take those facts for granted. There were moments when my torch was dead and I couldn’t see anything around me and everything was very quiet… and I was still a long way from the start and the finish.

Nonetheless I loved every second of it, and was thrilled to be 4th to finish. Even with my 10-minute headstart, the runners who overtook me in the last leg and finished just ahead of me were all really fast men, so we are all confused as to how I managed to be so quick. And I happen to know how much my stupid torch slowed me down… I wish every run was this good. I also like that this was my second Metro Hash to be first girl in, but aside from any other reasons I think this might be because most women aren’t quite psychotic enough to run off ahead on their own up a mountain in the dark.


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