Sunday duties:

Week 2, Day 3: 34 push-ups

Week 2, Day 2: 111 crunches

These were performed whilst my housemate Marine looked on and made helpful suggestions, such as her sitting on my back whilst I did my push ups. I actually had to do them in record time, as I woke up late and needed to rush off to Danshui for the China Hash. I almost didn’t do them, but in fact it takes less than 15 minutes to do all 10 sets + rest times.

Taking the MRT for 80 minutes in each direction so as to run/slide through muddy jungle and farmlands may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but I cannot imagine a Sunday that doesn’t involve running the Hash. Unfortunately I have one such Sunday coming up, as I am hopefully going to be working as an extra on a commercial next weekend.

Anyway, today was good, I didn’t break any records but despite the mud caking my shoes I felt I was running well and continuing to improve. I’m happy to say I didn’t fall (or give up and slide down the slopes on my butt) once, although one of the Taiwanese hashers teased me that it means I’m not running fast enough. I’m looking forward to Tucheng this Wednesday — how can it already be 2 weeks since the last session?? — and hoping that I will continue to honour my coach.

One thing about this “coaching” is that my running style is a lot more relaxed and consequently I sometimes feel a bit silly, as if my arms and hands are flopping about. I cannot deny that this posture takes less effort and allows me to breathe easily, and when I’m running alongside people with their fists all bunched up against their rib-cage and their feet stomping along I can feel myself positively gliding past in comparison. Maybe I will be less self-conscious when I actually start running faster as well as better.


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