How to describe today without sounding like a major whinge?

I got up at 6, had class from 8 till 11, studied from 11 till 6, took bus/trains for 80 minutes, ran 10.5km in the pouring rain, took trains/bus for another 80 minutes, and here I am. I took this photo after my run, and look beyond manic… I was aiming for a funny picture but I have come out looking just as strung out as I am feeling.

Nonetheless I am victorious, because I have been fighting with the school office for the last two days in order to change classes. I am a one-person OCCUPY NEWSPAPER CLASS protest. I have been on the receiving end of some pretty vitriolic emails and had to swallow more than a few vitriolic words of my own. There is no point in arguing with teachers or management. The only way I can win this war is simply by turning up to the class I want to do, and then inflicting major damage by disproving their (weak) implication that my Chinese isn’t good enough. It’s more than good enough. Fuck you and your ridiculous “can’t change classes after the first week of term” rules. And by the way, my Chinese is better than several of the people in that class.

I am exhausted and the workload involved in catching up 10 days of class PLUS all the actual schoolwork is massive. But I would rather be challenged than bored stiff like in the other class. I was getting that same awful, white-hot rage that used to bubble up inside me when I was stuck at my desk at work doing fee proposals. I know, life’s a bitch, nobody likes to work. But I am fortunate enough that if I don’t like my life, I can change it. So I have.

I was jabbering away about all this classroom upheaval to my coach Arthur, when he stopped me mid-sentence, grabbed my hands, and told me, “Xia Mei, you need more sleep. You need to relax.”

Yes, yes I do.


2 thoughts on “victory

    • The dark was kind of compulsory, as I never see daylight these days — I had to chase a shaft of light off the street to take this pic! (trust me, the effect of the flash was not something I needed to be subjected to). My mother commented on Facebook saying she thought I looked beautiful — the dark does great things for one.


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