up up

I was so grumpy this week. It’s now Friday afternoon and I am feeling much better:

– After I gave a lengthy presentation this morning, the teacher has finally agreed to let me stay. I am officially a student of class 331! Yay. It will be hard work but I’m glad. (Wait for me to update in a couple of weeks crying about the workload…)

– It took a lot of walking around Gongguan and Shida but I have FINALLY secured a copy of the book we are studying:

Best Chinese Newspaper Book in the Galaxy (official title):

– Whilst ambling around Shida I stumbled up against a stall selling… grains. And was able to buy half a jin of red lentils. Do you know what that means? That means I am going to make dahl at some point in the near future! How exciting!

– Even though I have been taking it continuously for so many months now, I forgot to take my pill 3 days in a row this week. This always results in me being stroppy, emotional and of course, getting my period. BUT TODAY I REMEMBERED TO TAKE IT. And within hours I perked up significantly. I suppose it could be placebo, but I never remember to associate my bad days with my hormones until they actually are over.

Ok. Enough gloating. I have 3 chapters of newspaper reading to catch up on. Friday night in the library, ooooh yeah.


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