I got all things that are good

Of course I already announced this on Facebook, with modesty and discretion galore, but the big news is that I DID get the scholarship in the end. I was 10th on the list of 10 students, and was fairly sure I hadn’t made it, when there my name was, oh yay!

Consequently I have a lot of re-scheduling to do. I now want to go to Korea on my Chinese New Year break (and thus get a new visa) instead of going there “on the way out”. I should have thought of this option before buying my tickets. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20… I’ll report back after speaking to Korean Air. Hopefully I will get to stay in Taiwan a little longer anyway.

Yesterday I spent over 2 hours in Gongguan looking at winter coats. After looking at dozens and dozens of jackets, I finally settled on this amazingly warm and fuzzy parka. I’m grateful to Cici for saving me from Taiwanese brainwashing (the winter trend here seems to be a shiny puffa jacket in a bright colour). Hurrah for not being cold anymore!

And this morning I got the grades for my first test in my new class. After being so thoroughly berated for switching up, I was concerned about not being as good as the others… Hah. I got the highest grade (by one point, but still! BEST = BEST). And an A- on my presentation last week. So I think we’ve all established that I am perfectly capable of succeeding in this class. TAKE THAT, YE SCHOOL OFFICE OF LITTLE FAITH.


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