kick-kickstarts again

Tonight’s Metro Hash was a bit of a fiasco. I actually caught a hare! that is how disorganized things were. I also was first girl in. Ultimately though, it wasn’t a real hash run, it was just an 8.5km run along the lake and back, so there is no glory in either of my achievements.

However, I’ve fallen in love with running again. That was a really nice and easy 8.5km and I can’t wait for my next run. “Kickstarts” came onto my iPod as I was heading home and I really felt the thrill again; that was one of my running songs last year when I used to dash round and round Princes Park (in fact I ran today’s 8.5km a couple of minutes faster than I ran that awful 8km race in Prince’s Park this February). I know I’ve been running the Hash but that is different because there is a lot of stopping and starting, and there have been a couple of tepid 5kms here and there, but tonight was the first time it felt easy and smooth again, and now I can’t imagine ever abandoning running again. Kickstarts summarizes our on-off-totally BACK ON relationship perfectly.


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