I just got back from a 11km run. I didn’t push things at all, as I wanted to see how long it would take me to run 10km at my most comfortable speed — and I ended up doing 11km in an hour and 10 minutes, exactly. I sneaked in a lovely long hot shower at the school pool afterwards as I was running in cold drizzle the whole time, but to be honest I felt fine — didn’t mind the weather, didn’t get a stitch, didn’t feel any pain or out of breath. I should probably have pushed a bit harder to be honest… well, there’s always tomorrow.

Whilst I was at the pool I also weighed myself and was surprised to discover I now weigh exactly 53kg. I weighed myself twice, in shock, because I couldn’t actually believe it the first time. This means I have lost over 3kg in 5 months — I recently stopped counting calories as I was annoying myself but I think I’m really going to have to step it up. I have mentioned before that I am somehow not getting enough, but then I started to think I was making a fuss about nothing… apparently not. Of course I still look and feel fine at 53kg — I’m hardly wasting away — but I guess I really need to be eating more substantially, especially with the cold weather and the fact that I’m now training for the half-mary. It’s a delicate matter, because I’ve always had various issues with food and my body, but I really am not that fussed these days; I am happy with how I look and I eat whatever and whenever I want. I’m not even trying to lose weight, but maybe my actual healthy weight is meant to be closer to 53kg after all?

Anyway, now it’s Friday! I did a presentation on overpopulation and the favelas of Rio da Janeiro in class today. It was a bit of a hack job because somehow it took me from 3:30pm to 11:30pm to write it yesterday (interrupted by a yoga class) and I didn’t have time to actually memorize it, but I got through it anyway. I am really looking forward to sleeping tonight; this week I have been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night (bed at 1, up at 6:30) and I am feeling ever more zombie-like! But a happy zombie, nonetheless; why is it I can study from 8am till 11pm, with a couple of hours’ break for food and exercise, and feel nothing but exhausted contentment, but if I am being PAID to work 9-to-5, I feel so horrendously put upon?


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