Thanks to my darling mama’s unexpected gift of a £25 voucher, I get to spend Christmas morning poring over Amazon’s (really disorganised) lists of books, trying to compile my own wishlist. In order to get maximum value for my pennies, I want the books to be long, and interesting, and preferably no more than £5 or so, so I can get at least 4 or 5 of them… reminds me of the good old days perusing La Redoute making lists of all the clothes I could buy with my Christmas vouchers. It makes me so happy, because I haven’t been book-shopping in so long, so thank you Mummy for such a thoughtful present! (and feel free to make recommendations!)

Yesterday was packed full of business: shopping for sports bras (fail — I will have to order some from Australia) and for vegetarian/vegan sources of protein (semi-success — I haven’t been able to find protein powder but I will be enjoying my horrendously expensive imported Greek yoghurt and various hippy grains). I also purchased halloumi, and made onion jam which I served up together (after frying the halloumi into a golden salty explosion of delicious) as my contribution to Catherine’s party last night.

Seeing as I was stuck by the stove caramelising onions for hours, I also made a batch of dhal, complete with cumin and goodness this time, which I have frozen in portions for the rest of the week. I am surprised at my own domesticity, but rest assured, my room still looks like a bomb hit it.

I’d been instructed to run a brisk 6km yesterday, and was pleased to see it took me exactly 32:00 — 2 months ago I ran 5km in the same time, and almost died afterwards. I have now signed up for both the Shuangxi half-marathon and the Wan Jin Shir half-marathon (they are within 2 weeks of each other), a decision which probably makes little sense, but I really wanted to run Shuangxi originally and by the time I found out they would accept my application after all, I had already signed up for WJS. So I will run the first one very, very slowly (they have a 3:30:00 finishing time, and I know I can walk 20km in 4 hours, so surely, surely, I can hope to run/walk Shuangxi in that time?).

Today I am running the Christmas Hash, which is a rare city run and will involve wearing a Santa hat. I have mixed feelings about this, but I always run the Hash so I will go. After the run I’m heading to Shida for a Hanukkah party. And then it’s back to school on Monday (I really should do some more homework this morning but ICK!).


3 thoughts on “rambling

  1. Happy to know that you are enjoying your 1st christmas present from me in years! I hope you can find some interesting reads.
    I have a Sony e-reader ordered with my bon d’achat from work…and so will be interested to see what you choose.

  2. If you are looking for vegan protein powder, try and look up this website : http://myvega.com/ – they make all vegan products though I’m not sure if you can order online and not pay astronomical shipping frees. Personally, I think most vegan protein supplements smell, look and taste like mud and grass that you put in a blender… but maybe you’ll find something to your liking 😉

    • I agree, I really don’t like protein powder, but my finger nails are breaking and splitting every time I open a tin or take plastic wrapping off something, and it’s both painful and frustrating — I have to do something! I just cannot seem to get the protein required without eating meat and cheese, and I really don’t want to eat either.

      I’ve decided I will invest in a blender. That way I can make smoothies to disguise the protein taste, and also make houmous (well I hope so anyway!) as another yummy vegan option…


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